When I got into bed about an hour ago, from my window I could see a huge bag on a picnic bench in the park. Just right in the middle, the size of a cooler or so. I watch two episodes of Simpsons and turn the lights off and look outside at the bench. Still there. Untouched. I find a good podcast an light a joint. Suddenly, some girl dressed in all black comes down the sidewalk looking very purposeful and veers north darting across the street fluttering her hands which she’s holding a few inches from her hips like a little ballerina figuring. Except fluttering. She makes the straightest line to the bag, slightly nervously, but very quickly. She unzips it, rifles around inside really briefly and then rakes it from the tabletop and sets it on the seat, and walks away quickly heading south, the opposite way she came. I’m thinking drug drop. Then, a minute later a guy comes down the hill from a shadowy bush. He heads straight toward the back, reaches in, empties contents—like 6 or 7 random hats. Big costumey hats. He nervously lays them out all over the table and chooses a metallic cowboy hat with a narrow bill and heads back into the bush. Now all the hats are just sitting there and I can’t go to bed because I’m like SURE something else fascinating could occur at any second

Do any of you guys read these stories I post about the park? I frequently make them private in the morning. Like the one about the 1/2hr rubbing session between two young girls. So much strange.